Do you have a priest's heart?

Here are some signs:
  • Personal relationship with God in prayer
  • Thirst for a deeper knowledge of the faith
  • Devotion to the Holy Eucharist
  • Generosity and concern for others
  • Desire to live a good and holy life
  • Love for the Catholic Church and her teachings
  • Capacity for friendship
  • Openness to different ethnicities and cultures
  • Love for the poor and the defenseless
  • Capacity and desire for spiritual fatherhood
  • Courage and willingness to voice an unpopular view in the name of Christ
  • Healthy self-image
  • Normal social skills

These are just some of the signs that may be apparent to you - and don't worry if you don't have them all! If you feel the Lord is calling you to priesthood, why not contact your local priest or contact our vocations director? Contact details are here:

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