Prayer of the Faithful - April 2019

7th April: Fifth Sunday of Lent
That priests, deacons, sisters and brothers who, for the sake of Christ, have suffered the loss of all things, will be strengthened in their vocations to bring many souls to the knowledge of salvation…

14th April: Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion
For all those being called to share in the passion of Christ as priests, deacons and in the consecrated life, that they will echo His Eternal Word of mercy in their own faithfulness to the Father’s will…

21st April: Easter Day of the Lord’s Resurrection
That the Risen Lord, made known to us through apostolic witness, will bestow upon us more men and women who will answer the call to proclaim His life, death and resurrection as priests, deacons, sisters and brothers…

28th April: Second Sunday of Easter
That we may be blessed with many priests and consecrated religious to serve as messengers of God’s divine mercy…

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