Ten Obstacles to Hearing God's Voice - and What You Need to Do to Start Listening

(Article by Alanna Burg, originally posted at https://catholic-link.org/10-obstacles-hearing-gods-voice-need-start-listening/)

Knowing that we are called to follow the Will of God and being able to discern His Will are two very different things. Do you ever feel like asking God for a neon sign to guide you in your next step in life? Usually, God does not send neon “go here, do that” signs.

So how do we hear God’s voice in our lives?

Mostly we think about this in the large decisions in life but it first starts with hearing God in the small daily choices we make when we pay attention to the movements of the Spirit.

This infographic was based on an article from Aleteia.org. You may find the original version, written by Fr. Henry Vargos Holguin, here: https://es.aleteia.org/2016/10/05/12-ruidos-que-impiden-escuchar-a-dios/

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