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What is the most moving part of celebrating the sacred Triduum?
by on March 29th, 2018

Some priests share what moves them during the celebration of this most Sacred Triduum:

​“For me, walking into a dark church during the Easter Vigil Mass with only the lit paschal candle is a special and holy moment. I don’t light peoples’ individual candles until I am halfway into the church. The lit paschal candle is the only light in the church. As that light pierces the darkness of the church, so the Risen Christ pierces the darkness of sin, suffering and death. I always become emotional in this brief moment every Easter Vigil.
— Father Bernard Bourgeois, Rutland, Vermont

“If I had to say what the most moving part for me would be the prostration of the priest on Good Friday. It reminds me of the ordination rite for priests and my pledge of obedience to the Lord that I am a servant of Christ above all else.”
— Father Ken Kolibas, Raritan, New Jersey 

“The Good Friday reading of the Passion and veneration of the cross are the most moving for me, because it reminds me of Our Lord Jesus’ suffering in love for us.”
— Father Adrian Fischer, OFM, Monroe, Louisiana 

“As a newly ordained priest, it really hit me when I washed the feet of 12 men for the first time. It really struck a chord in my heart of how humble it was for Our Lord to show the 12 apostles what true love is all about.”
— Father Neil Pfeifer, Napoleon, North Dakota 

“Renewing the commitment to service and priesthood with the parish community on Holy Thursday. It is a powerful reminder of vocation lived out with the support and prayer of the parish.
— Father Henry Gracz, Atlanta 

“The Easter Matins ceremony when we go from darkness and the quietness of the tomb to the glorious singing of the Easter Matins and the opening of the gates of the icon screen. This ceremony is what happens in the Eastern Catholic Church. After all the darkness, it is the manifestation of what the Lord has done for all.”
— Father Nicholas Daddona, Westbury, New York 

“While there are so many powerful moments of prayer during the sacred Triduum, the most moving part for me is the washing of the feet. It is a truly humbling experience that reminds me that, as priests, we are called to be true servants of the Gospel in imitation of Jesus, who through his ministry gave us the example that we are to follow.”
— Father Steve Jekielek, Tonawanda, New York

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