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Prayer of the Faithful for March 2018
by on February 27th, 2018

Starting this month, each month here on the blog we'll publish suggested Prayer of the Faithful that could be included in Mass each Sunday, and shared via social media, parish bulletins, websites, etc.

4th March: The Third Sunday of Lent
That all those seeking to discover their vocation in Christ will take heart in the faith that He is the Lord our God and calls them to the glorious perfection of love…
11th March: The Fourth Sunday of Lent
That God, who is rich in mercy, will bless those called by Jesus to serve Him and His Church as priests with faithfulness to that call…
17th March: St. Patrick
That, through the intercession of Saint Patrick, those discerning the call to priesthood in our archdiocese may experience the guiding and wise presence of Christ with them on their journey…
18th March: The Fifth Sunday of Lent
That God’s name will be glorified by the faithful love of those being called by Christ to serve and follow Him as priests…
25th March: Palm Sunday
That in imitation of Christ who emptied Himself for our salvation, those being called to priesthood will share in His passion for souls…
29th March: Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper
That as a community of disciples, we may encourage those discerning the call to a life of service and humility as priests…
1st April: Easter Sunday
That more men within our community will joyfully answer the call of the Lord to proclaim His life, death and resurrection as priests…

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